Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Open Source Hardware - OSHW

Open Source what, Open Under Ware who... ?

OSHW, What is it?
What is Open Source Hardware, or OSHW?  What exactly does OSHW mean?  Even though Dave here is an electrical engineer and generally they are nothing but trouble, we will lend him our ears as he does a great job explaining OSHW on his video blog:


Why is OSHW Significant?
Lets take this to the next level and better understand how OSHW has been evolving and dancing with innovation and the entrepreneurial community.  Remo Giovanni Abbondandolo investigates entrepreneurial opportunities for OSHW users in his Master Thesis which can be found online here:


Where do we go from here?
So, what are your thoughts on the subject?  Let us hear your opinion.

1)  How do we better foster entrepreneurial activity in the OSHW/Maker/Hacker/Social Building community?

2)  How do we promote more collaboration on projects spanning multiple skill sets?

3)  What virtual and physical resources are crucial in helping the community monetize their ideas and builds?

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