Friday, September 14, 2012

Generate Your Own QR Codes

Quick and easy QR code generation.  Choose the URL, the message, the Contact vCard or the map you want to link to!  Then choose the colors you want and hit generate.  Check it out:

Here is one we generated for our main site.  Download a QR code reader app on your smart phone and scan it!


Thingy: Arduino Enclosure

One of us just uploaded an Arduino mountable enclosure to thingiverse.  The lid of the enclosure slides onto the enclosure body along a grooved track and locks in place once the tabbed wings on each side clear rectangular holes in the enclosure body (see assembly drawings).  To remove the lid, pinch the tabbed wings and slide the lid off using the ridge at the front of the lid for traction.

You can check it out and download the files here.



Below are a few pictures of the design.

Image 1: Assembly drawing with lid slightly removed

Image 2: Assembly drawing with lid in closed position

Image 3: Part drawing of lid

Image 4: Part drawing of enclosure