Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY Metal Brake (continued 2)

STEP 4: Fini!
You are now finished and can start bending aluminum stock at will to create the worlds meanest brackets to hold your Arduino or whatever else you need to secure. Just don't use it for evil. Unless its only slightly evil, then it's probably OK.

To make a bend:
1) Loosen the wing-nuts and slide the metal between the flat plate and part D and then tighten down the wing-nuts (image 17).

Image 17: Aluminum inserted and wing-nuts tightened
2) Grab part A and rotate it towards part B (image 18).

Image 18:  Start the bend by rotating part A towards part B

3) Rotate it to the appropriate angle you are trying to achieve, in my case 90 degrees (image 19).

Image 19:  Stop bending when you achieve the desired angle

4) Return part A to its initial position once the bend is made (image 20).

Image 20: Bend completed

5) Loosen the wing-nuts and remove your newly bent metal (image 21).

Image 21: Newly bent metal removed from brake by loosening wing-nuts

That's it. Set forth and conquer.

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